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              Building custom country homes in the Laurentians, Quebec since 1988
            • Les Maisons Roco:

              Healthy, low-maintenance, energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible
            • Les Maisons Roco:

              Building LEED, Eco-Entrepreneur and Novoclimat 2.0 certified homes

            Les Maisons Roco

            We build LEED, Novoclimat 2.0,and EcoEntrepreneur certified homes.

            Our team will work directly with you to plan a house to meet your needs, your land as well as your budget .

            Our mission is to ensure that your building experience will be a pleasant and memorable one and that your new home will be one you will be truly proud to own.

            RBQ Licence #8233 5100

            Contact Us

            Les Maisons Roco
            1440 Route 117 North (exit 117)
            Mont-Tremblant (QC) J8E 2X8
            Tel: (819) 425-2414

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